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About Us

Dave’s Willow Works has been in business now for over 30 years. How did Dave get started in this kind of work? Really, to put it simply, it came quite naturally- a gift from God. As far back as anyone can remember, Dave has always had an immense love, appreciation, and respect for the great outdoors and has always been creative. Therefore, it was not surprising that in the year 1980 he moved to the great Northwood’s in Northern Minnesota and purchased 40 acres in the heart of Red Lake State Forest. There, with only a draw knife, a power saw, and a few hand tools he constructed an 8-sided log home and lived simply (no electricity or plumbing), with wildlife abounding. It was during this time that he took a look around him at all the trees and shrubs and thought to himself, “there has got to be a way to use some of this abundance to make a living and to meet the financial needs of my family!” So, he began experimenting, first making fine walking staffs and canes and traveling to craft shows around the state to market his product. There was not a high market for walking staffs, so he began experimenting with chairs and other indoor furnishings. These items were well received and the market for them was high. And that’s how it all started. Since then his business has grown and continued from there. Dave is thankful for the opportunity to create items that his customers love to bring into their homes to “show off.” He calls it, “Bringing the Forest Indoors.”

Over the years Dave has experimented, tried this, tried that, used various types of wood, and through it all he has learned many “tricks of the trade” that make each of his creations durable and of the highest quality. We are extremely proud of his creations, craftsmanship, and the quality of his work. And from the feedback we receive from his customers, they are equally proud to own and to display his craft in their homes and businesses.

Dave’s Willow Works is in the business of designing, crafting, and constructing quality, rustic bentwood furniture of various styles, as well as many accessories that are equally as rustic and appealing. Each and every piece is handcrafted from start to finish… from the harvesting of the raw product to the treatment of the artwork upon completion.

Dave is devoted to constructing a creation that is both long-lasting and pleasing to the eye. Most of his holes are pre-drilled to prevent splitting of the wood, as well as punched to prevent protrusion of the nail head as the wood shrinks. Then each piece is treated with a mixture of Linseed Oil and Mineral Spirits for preservation purposes.

Smaller items are available for purchase online. If you are interested in larger furniture items, please remember that these are for pick-up only; deliveries can be made, but within reason. Due to the weight of our larger items, they will not be shipped. Some of the items we design, craft and sell include the following:

  • Bentwood Loveseats
  • Bentwood Chairs
  • Bentwood Rocking Chairs
  • Tall-Back Parlor Twig Chairs
  • Twig-Top Inn Tables
  • Twig-Top Coffee Tables
  • Twig-Top Foot Stools
  • Planter Stands
  • Twig Framed-In Mirrors
  • Twig Picture Frames (various designs)
  • Toilet Paper Twig Baskets
  • Twig Signs
  • Decorative Twig Crosses
  • Specials Orders can be Made Within Reason (Please Call)