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Handcrafted Twig Signs

Our handcrafted twig signs are without a doubt our most popular item. They can be used to personalize your individual space, whether at home or at your place of work. They will add a rustic, woodsy décor to any room, bringing a touch of the forest indoors and maybe (if you are a dreamer) a bit of that relaxed and peaceful feel that comes while wandering along a wooded path deep in a forest setting.

Bear Country Sign

We have many standard signs which you can choose from or we welcome your customized, personalized orders. Our name signs are very popular- such as, “The Jenson’s” or “Welcome to the Jones”… you get the idea!

All of our twig signs are crafted onto either a 32” or a 46” pine board (1” x 4”). The size will depend on the number of letters placed onto the board. Each board is lightly stained in Colonial Maple and all are outlined (or bordered) by twigs. Upon completion, they are lightly sprayed with a mixture of Linseed Oil and Mineral Spirits.

The Smiths Sign

Take a few minutes and browse through some of our more popular, well-received twig signs below and see if any of these appeal to you… or… think of your own personalized twig sign and order that. We welcome all orders and are anxious to hear from you.


Large Twig Signs Include:
$55 + $25 shipping
(approximate size- 52” x 5”)

Small Twig Signs Include:
$45 + $15 shipping
(approximate size- 38” x 5”)

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